Love For Rent

The price is low, Lower than free maybe you can pay for it with empty promises? Semi-furnished with past regrets and mistakes I would suggest you get rid of that furniture after you decide to pay Grieving for what could have been one or two great love affairs The walls need a bit of paint … More Love For Rent


Matter. This Black Life, Matter. Skin tone, sins atone. Reminders of the trouble On the front lines of this battle for the lives of my brothers and sisters Are women with skin the colour of ┬ádark cocoa, caramel, Eclipse biscuits A kaleidoscope of black women who matter too Do not ignore us in this fight … More Fearrari


They said we were strong and built to breed, Cattle, the perfect slave, I am not sure if I believe A black woman is even built to stand Examples can be seen of weakness, fright, naivety, ignorance in the extreme “Where are you looking?” I asked myself “In the mirror and I am experiencing discontent.” … More Slaver-ME

Dirt balls

Trouble doan come Gimme a hand Lawd, I prayed and I prayed yet, she fighting, he fighting and nobody knows the answers to the problem who are you asking for help, though? Anybody other than Jesus? You putting it in his hand. This. This, this, descent into further madness Psychosis, delusion, narcosis, prelude us, Diagnosis. … More Dirt balls


Coconut oil in a cap.Drink up. Coconut oil pun muh forehead. Pray fa me. Coconut oil drizzled on my scalp. Moisturise. Drop a lil in de gravy Good fa de bowels. Coconut oil on my wounds. …nothing. Still bleeding. You don’t have all the answers either, hmmm?     Black Feminisms Blog Carnival #dearcaribbean