This Black Life, Matter.

Skin tone, sins atone.

Reminders of the trouble

On the front lines of this battle for the lives of my brothers and sisters

Are women with skin the colour of  dark cocoa, caramel, Eclipse biscuits

A kaleidoscope of black women who matter too

Do not ignore us in this fight

Do not think our lives aren’t threatened

Do not believe that from the phone screen in the Caribbean I cannot relate

Our heritage is shared, our outrage is shared, my calls for justice are sincere

My calls for justice are made with the black woman in mind.

“How can you relate?”

“How can you relate?”

“How can you relate?”

Did I also ask to be in this place?

In this time? In this hemisphere?

Did they?

Home we have made on this side of the world.

The western hemisphere. A Brave New World.

We must not move. We must not cower.

In all that is asked, is there nothing REQUIRED?

Yet, we fear you and our global movements are terrorism

I am black and I matter like you.

I am not blue, not red, not yellow, not green

I cannot take this skin off and beautifully blend and seam

Into privilege enjoyed only by the ancestors many moons before me.

What is mine? It is hers.

What hurts her also injures me

I am standing


I am punished for being seen.

There is no going back in my eyes and  my mind is aware

That no matter where

I walk

The fear travels near.



Black Feminisms Blog Carnival






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